Al Yarmok Group provides their Clients with Interior Design of the highest quality. The team of dedicated professionals have collectively been responsible for designs of an International standard. Al Yarmok Group provides their Clients with an image which is tailor made for their requirements and in tune with their Corporate identity. Care is taken to reflect other influences which may be appropriate such as location and the nature of business and image portrayed to Clients. Al Yarmok Group will: 

ü  Develop the design brief and space plan into a design layout.

ü  Produce Images and design boards portraying the interior design concept of the project.

ü  Select and provide options for supply items to be included in the project such as carpet tender and system furniture.

ü  Where appropriate, coordinate with suppliers to produce mock-ups of intended systems as part of the bid or tender process.

ü  Based on approved plans and design boards, develop a full set of drawings and specifications.

ü  Co-ordinate with the project management team, take into account electrical, lighting, air conditioning requirements and other items. Follow through with the project manager to the construction phase and the completion of the project.